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TV Baby - Free Tech / Wild Joy / Klerin Priest Remixes

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Introducing the second physical release from TV Baby, this limited edition 12" vinyl features six remixes off their album over two records.

The vinyl includes penetrating remixes of fine album cuts as follows ÛÒ Free Tech (Secret Circuit remix), Wild Joy (Tom Of England Astro dub) and Wild Joy (Tom Of England Astro instrumental), Klerin Priest (Trus'Me Remix), Klerin Priest (Ivan Smagghe Crossed Remix) and Klerin Priest (Ivan Smagghe Ghetto Crossed Remix).

Secret Circuit ۪s penchant for melodic, euphoric sounds meets Free Tech head on, the LA producer ۪s trippy, driving remix focuses on fine tuning and blending the more musical elements and vocals, with kaleidoscopic results.

Former band mate and Rub n Tug ۪s very own Tom of England turns the package on its head and drops a mechanical, Balearic meets Punk take on Wild Joy. Turning things off the beaten dance floor trail, the mix is as blissful as it is claustrophobic. His effort ۪s twisted, experimental drive rounds off the release and ensures that all of TV Baby ۪s musical ethos stays faithful to the band ۪s influences and standing firmly within the label ۪s ethos.

Trus ۪me is an artist who knows a thing or two about the collaborative aspect of the remix, he is also a man whose continually evolving creative process make his remixes so unpredictable and vital. Currently exploring spaced out dance floor dynamics, the experienced Manchester producer puts a Detroit spin on KLERIN PRIEST, turning in a slice of broken electro funk with a distinct UK flavor.

London based Ivan Smagghe has long been a proponent of industrial sleaze and brings his vast experience to bear on his chugging, restrained, Û÷Crossed ۪ remix of Klerin Priest. The Frenchman ۪s Û÷Ghetto ۪ mix is even more reduced and touches on the now resurgent minimal sound. With musical cycles once again aligning towards a more stripped back, tripped out approach, both mixes tap into the essence of Smagghe ۪s undeniable, electro-leaning influence on the darker dance floors of today.

All songs by TV Baby (Mathew Mcauley, Brain McPeck), produced by Gabriel Andruzzi, mastered by Joe Lambert.

Featuring artwork by VIZIE, design by Robbie Owens-Russo, Executive Producer Justin H Miller

Click here to listen to Free Tech and Wild Joy, and here for Klerin Priest.

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