The Ride 2nd Gear - Rebel Edition

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The Motorcycle is back and is here to stay.

The custom motorcycle scene keeps on growing and exciting. There are more and better builders than ever, and the scene has become an integral part of motorcycle culture and youth culture. Builders are joining the custom ranks at a younger age and are creating bikes that are mind-blowingly innovative and always surprising.

The aesthetic of these new custom bikes has evolved: 1960s cafe racers from the UK and US continue to be relevant but builders are nowgoing in new directions, getting their inspiration from 1990s skateboard and youth culture.

Collectors are buying stunning art bikes from important builders, and big brands are using the custom scene as a hotbed for new ideas, borrowing some of their hotbed for new ideas, borrowing some of their designs and striving to imitate the energy that oozes from the current custom scene's momentum.

Featuring 352 full colour pages, The Ride 2nd Gear documents custom trends and grasps the spirit of our times. The book will influence custom motorcyle builders and enthusiasts for years to come.

Please be aware that both editions have identical content save for style code and cover photo, click here for the Gentlemen Edition.


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