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Finalising 12 years of researching the surfing underground, presenting the real characters, what they’ve got to say and reinforcing what they always held true.The characters in this book, and many others both known and unknown from those times, helped create what surfing is today. Here in one place are many of them....a book that future generations will value for the resource that it is.

Featuring interviews with; Joe Larkin, George Greenough, Bob McTavish, Nat Young, Gerry Lopez (USA), Mike Doyle (USA), Paul Gross (USA), Gordon Woods, Billy Wallace, Wayne Lynch, Peter Drouyn, Rabbit Bartholomew, Chris Brock, John Severson (USA), Mal Sutherland, Peter Townend, Albert Falzon, Bob Cooper, Michael Cundith, Geoff McCoy, Jim Banks, John Peck (USA), Jack McCoy, Mark Richards, Maurice Cole, Neal Purchase, Paul Witzig, Peter Harris, Phyliss O'Donell, Robert Conneeley, Rusty Miller, Tom Morey(USA), Peter Troy and Dick Van Straalen.

Photography and art by ; John Pennings, Leo Hetzel (USA), George Greenough, Bill Ogden(USA), Peter Green, Mal Sutherland, Martin Tullemans, Steve Wilkings (USA), Bob Weeks, Barrie Sutherland, Dick Hoole, Albert Falzon, Hugh McLeoud.

286 Pages Hardbound | W 22cm x L 32cm | ISBN 9326425809051

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