Sideburn 20

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Sideburn is the world's finest, most glamorous, colourful, informative, global-reaching go fast, turn left mag. Well technically, the world's only go fast, turn left mag. Here, every weekend is a dirty weekend.

In this issue:

  • Baer Racing: Grand National Championship KTM 1000.
  • Jared Mees: Who? What? When? Why? Where?
  • Procrastiracer: Transmogrified Honda CRF450.
  • Top Trump 1981: Maico Mega 2 490. 
  • Tiddler: Memories of a reluctant speedway star.
  • Marauder: The only fat tyre V-Twin we lust after.
  • Dimitri Coste Portfolio: The Frenchman's photos.
  • Norton Dirt Track: Blueprints and tech exploration.
  • Black cock: Falling down and getting back up again.
  • A Brief History of Dirt: Paul d'Orleans takes class.
  • Superprestigio: The battle to be the king of kings.
  • Di Traverso: Report from Italy's new dirt track school.
  • Titan: Vintage Trackmaster Suzuki 500 stroker.
  • Linda Love-Race: A poem.
  • The Ugly Eucling: XS650 street tracker.
  • Sideburn Merchandise: Get yours'.
  • Trophy Queen: Big hair, SoCal speedway and Stu Egli.

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