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Issue No. 1: Heller's Cafe

Featuring Americana clothing from the collection of Larry McKaughan of Heller's Cafe, Seattle.


  1. Old Sport Uniforms (1900s - 1950s)
  2. War-Years Military Clothing (1880s - 1950s)
  3. Vintage Denim Wear (1880s - 1950s)
  4. Hunting & Leisure Sports Fashions (1900s - 1940s)
  5. Pre-WWII Sports Jackets (1920s - 1940s)
  6. Vintage Motorcycle Fashions (1930s - 1950s)
  7. Extra "Rental Only" Items


  • 1st Special Edition: 3000 copies, February 2010
  • Hardcover, 160 pages
  • Photography & text by Rin Tanaka

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