Deus Wipe Gloves

$155.00 AUD


Introducing the Deus Wipe glove, handcrafted in Japan from 100% Napa cowhide leather, these gloves feature an elastic wrist band, suede strip detailing, palm and throttle reinforcement and a Deus logo stamped on the wrist panel. These gloves are offered in two colours, black and natural tan. 

Without doubt the quality, premium materials and attention to detail of our gloves makes them a staple for any discerning rider.

Sizing information*:

Thumb 5.5cm 6cm 6.5cm 7cm
Index 6.5cm 7cm 7.5cm 8cm
Middle 8.0cm 8.5cm 9.0cm 10cm
Ring 7.5cm 8.0cm 8.5cm 9.0cm
Pinky 5.5cm 6.5cm 6cm 6.5cm
Width** 21.0cm 22.0cm 23.0cm 24.0cm

* Sizing is approximate, from fingertip to webbing. A tighter fit is better as the gloves give a little over time
** Width is the circumference around the palm

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