Deus Gripping Gloves

$150.00 AUD


Introducing the Deus Gripping, Perforated, Wipe, Belted and Winter gloves. All three styles offered in two colours, handcrafted in Japan from 100% Napa cowhide leather.

Without doubt the quality, premium materials and attention to detail of our gloves makes them a staple for any discerning rider.

Sizing information*:

Thumb 6.5cm 7.0cm 7.5cm 8.0cm
Index 8.0cm 8.5cm 9.0cm 9.5cm
Middle 9.0cm 9.5cm 10.0cm 10.5cm
Ring 8.5cm 9.0cm 9.5cm 10.0cm
Pinky 6.5cm 7.0cm 7.5cm 8.0cm
Width** 23.0cm 24.0cm 25.0cm 26.0cm

* Sizing is approximate, from fingertip to webbing. A tighter fit is better as the gloves give a little over time
** Width is the circumference around the palm

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