April 03 2020 Friday at 06:30 PM


The LAND Boys are out there doing it. Caleb and Ryan have been a part of the Deus Ex Machina picture for quite a while now with their art threaded into the core of what we think, do, and feel. But the best part of it all is that they LIVE IT. At home in their own nick of the woods when nobody's watching, they really live it. They are wild men howling at the moon and skinning rabbits and meticulously hacking together motorcycles for their own fun-riding enjoyment and for dumbass'n around in the woods. Deep into the green amongst the yellow poppies, they've cleared their own paths to ride. A few miles from stop-lights and the city limits of Austin, Texas, where their studio-turned-motorcycle-garage is based, they have a playground where open throttles and dirt sling'n reign supreme. They are the Wilde Hares Enduro Club and they are killing it. Check out some Deus Ex Machina items with LAND's handiwork available at our regional flagships and online stores: Australia USA Indonesia