April 03 2020 Friday at 08:16 PM

Kalimotxo - Wheels & Waves Cayucos 2017

We like August because it's the one month out of the year when it seems like all our mates from the Old Country end up in our neighborhood from across the pond. And each August, the offering at Hertz car rental just doesn't cut it for these chaps. Old iron and greasy motorcycles, however are just the ticket. By this formula of friends, a ride, and a nearby surf break, the hangouts have been concentrated around a quiet beach town of Cayucos, up along the central California coast. The powwow expanded a bit wider this year, with support from Baume & Mercier, vintage flat track racing along with Roland Sand's Superhooligan series, and a down-and-back sprint race hosted by Revival Cycles at an abandoned air-strip. But none of these pictures and none of these words give any true insight to what actually happened in Cayucos. But I will tell you right now. A mixed drink called Kalimotxo, that is what happened in Cayucos! Our dear Spanish friend Juan insisted with enthusiasm that we try this special drink from his Basque homeland, accompanied by the taunting chant of David Borras in his deep, gravelly voice "Cali-Mocho! Cali-Mocho!" Now listen to the recipe closely... Red Wine. and Coca Cola. Simple genius! It taught us that Wheels & Waves is really not about the wheels or the waves, its about sharing a piece of home with your brother. It's what made that Kalimotxo so good. Many thanks to the organizers Julien Azé, Vincent Prat, Jérôme Allé and Paul d'Orleans