April 03 2020 Friday at 08:31 PM

Woolie vs Pikes Peak.

America’s Mountain is etched into the pages of American History dating back to the 1700’s, and still today it is an awe-inspiring beast of a place. Because of this, there would be no better place to test Woolies Ducati “Beastie" against a band of fellow motorcycle racers in the Broadmeadow Pikes Peak International Hillclimb.
The practice days are full of excitement, 2am wake-ups, on the mountain by 3am to finish practice by 8am, day is all over before breakfast. It is a grueling schedule which only the likes of Zebulon Pike could comprehend. As this was Woolies first time racing against the mountain he took it it step by step, dropping 15 plus second on ever practice session but not before almost hitting a mountain got, a market and the odd flock of birds camped out at the apex of a 4 gear turn.
Sunday’s race day came with the same pre-dawn ritual, long bouts of “hurry up and wait” and every type of weather you can think of. Records were broken, best times were narrowly missed, a few spills but all the racers survived without any significant incident.
The post race excitement and adrenaline in Woolies eyes turned towards 2019, as 2nd in class was not what Woolie came to Americas Mountain for.
Bike Details and Specs
Woolie wanted to build a bike that would be fun for the spectators to look at and one that was also purpose built to make the run up the mountain in good form. He has been building and racing bikes since a kid growing up in Marin County next to Mert Lawwell in the middle of motorcycle Mecca.
The motor was built by (Mark Sutten) at the Ducshop, the stock motor cases were retained and were bored out to except a 1098SR motor used in the World Superbike series. This motor pumped out over 180 at the rear wheel and in the end the bike weighed 344lbs full of fuel. Woolie used 60 Chrome moly steel for the subframe, and tig welded it with an ER70S-6 mild steel rod. The gas tank was made using .80 1100 O aluminum. All the Carbon fiber was molded from parts Woolie made out of aluminum by Taylor Made Racing in Van Nuys using an aerospace grade material. The electronics are Microtech with a small handmade wiring harness. At this point all that was left of the original bike was the motor cases, the frame and the swing arm. We used a high spect 48mm Ohlins fork and shock with fantastic Brembo monoblock calipers. Richard at Attach performance made a custom set of clamps which helped out a lot as we could adjust the trail numbers.
Firstly all the volunteers and employees of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb organization; Jim Bidman, Megan Leatham, Daniel Rodrigues, Lisa Haight, Josh Hildenbrand, Randy Ruyle, Dan Skokan, Paul and Beca Livingston, Eric and John Peet. All the sweep riders and Frank
Saddlemen seats
BST wheels
Ducati -  Michael Larkin, Jason Chinnock and their crew for helping me out on the tier testing days.
Paul Taylor from Taylor Made racing
Mark Sutten from Ducshop
David from Fast Bike
Jozef and Richard at Attack Perfomance
Quinten Wilson and Jet for crewing and getting up at 2AM
KTM and their crew for helping me in the testing
Deus Ex Machina and my family for letting me go