April 03 2020 Friday at 03:31 PM

Wine and Dine with Bob

When it comes to legends in the sport of surfing a few names come immediately to mind. Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Taj Burrows, Andy & Bruce Irons, you get the idea However they are mear youngsters in the grand scheme of things when you look at surfing as a lifestyle/culture rather than a sport. Names like George Greenough, Michael Peterson, Don Takayama are the legends we speak of. Amoungst these is none other than Bob McTavish. McTavish has literaly changed so many aspects of surfing in Australia, as he was the one to develop the V-bottom and was essential to the design of what we now call a current shortboard. Last year Bob graced our Bali grounds for two weeks hosting a Q'n'A night as well as producing a number of limited boards. The first of March, Deus will have the guru round for dinner once again, this time at the House Of Simple Pleasures in Sydney. The night will include wining and dining as well as a chance to watch unseen footage and photos from the Mctavish archives. You can look back to the time bob spent at the Temple here. The event is one night only and Tickets are available only online from here