April 03 2020 Friday at 04:15 PM

Windy island hopping

When the idea for a short surf skirmish arose last week I jumped on board like a flood fleeing rodent. A little island hop is needed every now 'n' then…and are always a welcome blip on our radar. So we loaded up the truck and jumped the ol' sky bus to our neighboring island. Unfortunately the trip was plagued by less than favorable wind conditions, too much so for shooting but just enough to catch a few sliders here 'n' there. A few days in, once the bay had nothing to offer, I ventured from the coast and spent some time wandering around a local Sasak village. The traditional hub consists of an extended family 700 strong, living and working as they would have done hundreds of years ago. A lot of great people and faces within those twisty paths, a definite must if you ever pass through.