April 03 2020 Friday at 05:31 PM

“Wheels of the Sea keep US Turnin”

All Blacksmiths’ work their craft on an anvil with fire and steel, and Phil Way is no different, except his craft, turns ours!

Phil way forges fins out of resin and fiberglass and I’ve seen them… And man his fins are funkier than 19 globs of Chitlins with onions and sardines on the side…. Now that’s funky!

Phil stays busy by hand foiling his wave carvers to many a legend like Beau Young and Occy to name drop a few…. His company has since been bought out, but Phil’s no sell out! Phil’s “Fluid Foils” are still 100% hand made from start to finish, and we here at “The Temple” are fortunate and proud to have a selection of his labors of love in our boardroom.

So if yer game for a go, then “Pull in” and “Screw in” a hand forged Phil Way fin…