April 03 2020 Friday at 03:01 PM

Vintage Sunglass Goodness

After a short, yet extremely relaxing hiatus, I returned to the Temple this morning to find a stickered up box sitting on my desk. After a quick once over, I proceeded to tear into it with the enthusiasm of a candy fueled toddler on Christmas morn. Once the cloud of paper and stickers came to rest on the ground, I peered inside, and was pretty excited as to it's contents.
Now its no secret that I'm a sucker for some 'good old days' craftsmanship, so when I spotted a slew of vintage sunglasses from the 70's 80's and 90's, it started my day off on quite the high note.
I sat for a while, frame fondling at my desk, taking in the designs of names like Dunhill, Carrera and Christian Dior. Testing out pairs and trying to think of the stuff they must have seen. Lets just say the morning passed quite swiftly. These unique vintage goodies, along with more, will be on display and for sale at the Deus Warung of Simple Pleasures in Oberoi. So pop down for a coffee or two and try some out for size!