April 03 2020 Friday at 05:01 PM

Top Gear Fest – Thats A Wrap!

So another action packed weekend has come to pass. We now have time to catch our breath again. With the Top Gear Festival in full swing, the Deus crew was flat out battling the 30+ degree temps over the two days out at the Sydney Motorsport Park. With a full featured stand, including a NASA Airstream Van, The Chev truck, 2 Corvettes and of course 15 odd bikes, Deus had a huge presence across the entire venue, enough so that Captain Slow (James May) decided to beat the heat under our stand while oggling over the beautiful works of metal and rubber. As the festival provided more events and attractions than one could poke a stick at including, Webber setting a new lap record, the battle of the posties, a v8 vs a bulldoser (just coz they could) and drift demos, its was a real privilege to get some decent track time for our selves on multiple occasions. Even though some of us were on the verge of heat stroke and relieving close to third degree sun burns, the thought of getting into our leathers didn’t deter. Once we filled the Manx with oil and methanol, gave it a little rolling start it was time to hit the tarmac, giving our crew and extended family members (customers) a chance to hit the track also giving us an opportunity to test out the brand new Deus x Zero engineering 1340cc salt lake bike. With everyone left exhausted from the 2 solid days of fumes and tyre smoke, the weekend was a huge success. A huge shout out goes to everyone involved.