April 03 2020 Friday at 06:15 PM

To Lindsey

Andy Wauman finally unveiled his much-anticipated solo art exhibition at the Deus Gallery last Friday. The exhibition, titled ‘A Single Match Below A Fire’, is a mixture of different artistic mediums, combining photography, sculptures, and film. Even though he has had just a short stay on the island, Andy expresses all of his different experiences and impulses in a creatively unique way.

People flocked to get the first eyeful of Andy’s work on display, refreshed themselves with the free flow Albens cider on tap, and settled down out the back to watch his movie. Another packed night at the Temple, but luckily for those of you who missed out, Andy’s exhibition isn’t leaving the gallery anytime soon. Swing by and check out his creative space, but if you can’t wait take a look at how the exhibition opening went down. The full length movie is up and ready to watch too. Enjoy.