April 03 2020 Friday at 04:45 PM

Titles from the vintage surf library at Monty's place

During this morning's surf check, I caught up with good friend Mr Steve 'Monty' Montell. Between looking out yonder for sets he was flicking through an old book. "Whats that?" I asked inquisitively.
"When I was 13 years old I broke my collarbone arsing around in a junkyard with me mates" say's Monty. "To numb the boredom of being incapacitated whist in an Australian hospital in the 70's, my dad brought me a copy of 'A Pictorial History of Surfing' to thumb through. After figuring out how to balance the thing and turn the pages with my less used left hand, I began to stare upon some of the best surf images from the roots of surfing itself. With the likes of Tom Blake, Midget Farrelly and Phil Edwards (the godfather of the modern surfboard) gracing its pages, my 2 week stint in the children's ward flew by."
I paid Monty a visit later in the day to have a proper gander at the book I saw briefly in the morning. Like most things Monty owns he has a stash load more in a cupboard somewhere. The cupboard was located after a little bit of digging along with a lot of swearing, and then we were in business.
I watched as he pulled out book after book of surfing's greatest publications from decades past. Like ancient scrolls he blew the dust from their surfaces and laid them before me. I listened as he told me tales of how he had acquired books from an array of out of the way locations over the course of his life. "My favorite is 'Surf Beaches of Australia's East coast'. Its a plethora of amazing images from 1967 to 1969....the real beginning of short boards."

After grabbing a few shots of the books, i nabbed a few titles to bring down to the Temple (with permission of course.) So head on down for a closer look and a flick through history.