April 03 2020 Friday at 05:31 PM

Thrilled to be Char Grilled

You could say that the Deus Warung of Simple Pleasure’s officially became a warung last week. Some background, Warung is the Indonesian word for restaurant. And interesting enough ‘Simple Pleasures’ is exactly the way that Malee has solved our conundrum. Her answer to the shopping centric location is Thai style BBQ, curb side. The culinary skills of our food designer, who brought us Deus Temple of Enthusiasm’s ‘Deus Café’, were once again put to the test, though we needn’t have worried. Malee’s dishing up lunchtime inspiration direct from Bangkok, her home town. The flavours of natural coal fire, her complex concoctions of marinades, fresh ingredients and succulent cuts are blended to perfection on the grill in our outside seating area.

There’s a new scent in town and it’s hookin’ up with the off shore breeze and attracting many a famished family. Atmosphere is street. Shopping socialising, swimming or surfing are bound to wane when it’s time to fuel up. If your tummy begins to rumble and your in the Oberoi jungle, follow your nose down to Deus Warung of Simple Pleasure, take a load off and partake in our Thai char-grilled flavors.