April 03 2020 Friday at 02:16 PM

Thomas Bexon

Thomas Bexon is a big man with a big beard and an even bigger heart. The dude himself is renowned along the coasts of Australia for making some of the best nose-riding logs around and being a world class noserider himself. Although longer boards are his fortay, Thomas is no beginner when it comes to whipping up something a little smaller with a bit more performance. At the tender age of 27, Thomas has been shaping boards full time for a decade now, so we trust his judgment.

He has been a guest in our Canngu home a handful of times now…bringing with him friends and colleagues. From the beginning, his ever-friendly presence could be felt at the Temple and as it stands now we pretty much see him as one of the family.

He can finish a bucket of beer in record time, he has a beard that rivals greek gods…and boy can he shape a surfboard!