April 03 2020 Friday at 06:15 PM

Theo The boy in the red backpack, or is it the other way around ?

A few weeks ago, a cyclist skidded up to the front steps of the temple on a bicycle wearing beanie, gloves, and a huge red backpack that dwarfed him, and this was on a particularly hot afternoon. We were setting things up for the nights festivities but this form that swept through the carpark had me totally gobsmacked. Sometimes it pays to peddle to the party. Well it did for Theo. But I am getting ahead of myself, again, and besides he tells it so much better than I do, without losing sight of the fact that English is not his tongue of choice., and without further adieu, Ladies and Gentlemen I would like you all to welcome Deus newest employee, Theo...
"Well, dunno where to start but I’ve been trying to blog walk-around and write some post for Deus blog because the boys ask me, so this is my very first blog so here we are..
Im Theo Radennata, 21 years old, 168cm, from Jogjakarta Indonesia I’ve been in Bali for almost 2 months now working my ass off for deus ex machina Indonesia doin’ the bike-bike-bike things, everything bicycle, and do a lot of things that i love.
my new life is great and weird at the same time .. when i decide to take a trip to Bali I never expect anything but riding my fixed gear bike around this beautiful island called Bali, get some beers and meet a lot of new friends.
the eruption of merapi volcano is the reason why i get tickets to Bali, I don’t feel safe to stay at my hometown so i decide to stay here in Bali for the greater good.
public transportation is kinda rare in bali so that’s why I bring my fixed gear bike here, so i can ride my bicycle wherever i want to go and still have fun, ride for fun huh? J
Mostly, people in Bali riding the automatic-Japanese-scooter everywhere,. seeing people riding their bicycle is an expensive view in here, very rare .. kinda different situation in jogjakarta, jogja is a city with giant community of bicycle and cultures, many type of bicycle there from old bike called “onthel” lowrider, cruiser, mountain bike, downhill, tall bike, folding bike and fixed gear bike etc and all of them have their own community, and they’re everywhere with no gap. Actually bicycle is not about what kind of bike that you ride or how expensive your bike is... its about attitude, togetherness and the fun riding.
Riding bicycle is more like culture in jogja, by the way Bali has very wicked fixed gear community called Bali Fixie Comm, joining with them is ass kicking, me Julian and deus crew really enjoying our fun riding with Bali Fixie Community, be part of them is real thing called fun, we can share a lot of things we love with people who has same passion with us, bicycle! J
Deus swapmeet event was the first time i went to deus in canggu.. i go with my friends on his red cj7 jeep to canggu, actually i really want to ride my bicycle there, but my friend told me that i could get my legs twisted if i ride my fixie to deus, because of the distance from nusa dua to canggu .. and the swapmeet was ridiculously fun, meet a lot of friendly people, deus place was da bomb, they have cozy place, amazing bengkel, motorcycle, stuffs and of course the bicycle,. its awesome.
In the next three days i ride my fixie from tuban to canggu for music event at deus bar, and I made it .. ride my bike to canggu was the fun ride i’ve ever done in bali, the hills, ricefield view, and the beach .. its awesome
When i arrived at deus i met mira, dustin and julian .. we talk about fixies and bicycle like a lot, and do some fun tricks with fixies at deus parking lot.. pretty fun
And then dustin offering me a job to help him doin’ the bike-bike-bike bicycle things for deus ex machina, I am thinking that uuum.. i got nothing to to do here but riding my bike, so fukk yeah I take the job and here i am now in the temple of enthusiasm, the velocita bohemienne, the house of simple pleasure called deus ex machina Indonesia.. doin’ all the bicycle things, I do what i love and i love what i do .. peace J "