April 03 2020 Friday at 04:01 PM

The Yak Magazine

If you reside on the island of the gods, other wise known as Bali, then you have definitely come across the most comprehensive fashion and art magazine around…The Yak.
The quarterly issues are always packed with everything you need to know and see from happenings around the island and abroad. The last batch of the year has just hit the shelves and it is a definite page turner.It features three artists that have all displayed their work in solo shows at the Deus Gallery. Stevie Gee, Tyler Warren and Antonio Munoz. As well as the artist interviews, it also features a travel photography piece from Sri Lanka shot by our fearless leader D.Hump and written by Deus family member, Ano Mac.Just when you thought we couldn't wile our way in any more, both the Men's and Women's fashion spreads were shot by photographers who reside here at the Temple.If your on the island, go grab a copy and flick through its pages….and for those of you overseas, clickity clack on the online PDF below and enjoy a slice of life from our part of the world!