April 03 2020 Friday at 03:46 PM

The Warung of Simple Pleasures gets a facelift

Since its inaugural opening in May of last year, our second location in Bali 'The Warung of Simple pleasures' in Oberoi has received a little facelift per say. Its cafe menu was stripped back and took on a few new items, as well as extra seating being added to accommodate more weary travelers looking for a caffeine fix. Earlier on today I ambled down to the Warung to have a gander at its new look and grab a coffee…while there I ended up partaking in a guilty pleasure and consumed a number of baked goods that are now on offer. Made's Chocolate Brownie and Banana muffin definitely complimented my latte well, giving me something to nibble on as i strolled around. The menu also now offers a panini option, something I'm looking forward to in a future visit Since it is the rainy season, the addition of an awning out front gives cover to those wanting to escape the rain, as well as keeping the sun at bay when the clouds decide to part. If your in the area and you're looking for your morning fix, a tasty baked good or just an all around good meal…head down to the 'Warung of Simple Pleasures' and sample its new offerings.