April 03 2020 Friday at 12:31 PM

The SR

The Yamaha SR is a staple within the custom bike building world... From Bobbers to Cafe racers, it's versatile frame and bulletproof engine lend their qualities to almost any style you could want to build. Unfortunately for us here in Indonesia, import laws render the SR a pipe dream, something you look at on the internet and aspire to..but can never acquire. So when a beaten down one popped up on our radar, we jumped on it and hauled it back to the Temple before anyone else could get their hands on it.
Right now this baby is our pride and joy, it may be considered tame compared to builds from around the world...Or even builds that Deus have made in Australia...But as far as we know, this is the only SR on the island so we are pretty smitten with it. As far as modifications go, she's got some nice little shiny bits on the outside, and quite a few engine modifications tucked underneath...You add that to the FCR 33 carby with a custom Teflon intake and you have yourself quite a snappy ride. We trimmed 5 centimeters off the front end and fitted her with a set of Progressives in the rear. The whole package is riding on a a pair of Firestone non skids...Which over here are a blessing! Other than that, all the other custom work has been carried out in the bengkel out back, as per usual…Frame chop, hand made tank, one off fenders, custom paint job…You know the drill. After riding around for a few days, I can definitely say that 400cc's is about as big as you want to go in Bali. Its got the power, but is still light enough to chuck around and weave in traffic...And when the night falls, and you hit that open bit of dual lane twistys...She comes into her own and its amazing!