April 03 2020 Friday at 07:32 PM


It is with tingles down my spine that I hint at this chapter of our journey South To Sian. After a weeklong foray on the Bukit Peninsula, we reorganised the old Land Rover and began zigzagging our way toward the Bali straight. With no plans and the same desire for new surrounds, our mate from Newcastle, Lewie Buddons hitched a ride. Crossing the two and a half kilometer stretch of water that connects the Indian Ocean to the Bali Sea we began to imagine the long drive ahead of us. In the sweat and humidity it seemed that the great idea of the Indonesian road trip would be put to the test over the coming days. But as it happened, that was where we truly began to appreciate the unfamiliar and remote territory that Indonesia has to offer.

Three days later we arrived to a small stretch of coastline far from paved roads, phone reception and any other surfers. A haphazardly built fishing village lay in front of a ridiculous right-hand slab. At the sight of the perfect, empty waves the road’s fatigue was fast forgotten. We sat madly giggling in the sand…

In absolute contrast to our excitement, the local fisherman relaxed in the shade and took no notice.

Knowing that we would surf alone for days, we scanned the water in complete wonder. A strong offshore trade wind blew spray high above thick walls of water as they curled top to bottom. In violent explosion the waves expounded their power. You’ll have to excuse the expression, but we were quite literally in the middle of nowhere. And unbeknownst to us at the time, it was exactly where we had always wanted to be. It was the place that represented our idea of the Indonesian surf adventure.