April 03 2020 Friday at 12:31 PM

The Shanky Dog

Black on black, with bark and bite the appropriately named "Shanky Dog" has made its first appearance outside the bengkel. This steed, built for a core Deus family member, pulled inspiration from two of our previous bike builds…The 'Bali Dog' and 'The Shank'. Sporting a custom made, matte black & silver tank with leg cut outs and topped with a polished aluminum cap, this bike has been turning heads since it came into the light earlier this morning. The unique triangle head light sitting between the Yamaha FZ-16 front suspension adds a bit of angular steeze to the mix, while the hidden headlight and ignition switches keep the Ventura street bars bare and clean. The Shanky Dog is the first Deus Bali bike to use one of the new custom Fiberglass seats we will be making for each project…and it sits nicely atop the Chrome 34cm Triumph rear suspension. The mixture of design features came out well and the smile on the owners face solidifies its outcome…He has been watching this thing get built day in and day out…Congratulations! God knows you have needed a bike for while now!