April 03 2020 Friday at 03:15 PM

The Shank'

The Workshop boys have been getting in their groove lately, especially with the the custom order projects that populate their slice of the Temple. The latest Bengkel blaster to exit the doors out back is 'The Shank'…a custom spec tarmac teaser with the stature of a mastiff.
Built from the ground down frame, up, this is another…'customer wants, customer gets'…jobby, which brought together some pretty interesting parts to make the idea come to fruition. With the frame and engine from a SX225, sitting between the front end and swing-arm of a GS 250, this bike's got a stance to it…especially when sitting on a set of those Firestone tires.
Amongst various parts and pieces, 'The Shank' is sporting one of the hand made tanks that Bagio molded in his den of metal work, then handed to Big Willy in the paint bay, to do what he does best. I watched as everything came together in the bikes last few days on the stand and also watched as the customer left the Temple with an exhaust note burbling behind him, and a grin to rival the Cheshire cat. Watch the streets of Canggu for this one!