April 03 2020 Friday at 06:46 PM

The Rad in Raduno

Thirty six Ducatis. Homemade lasagna. Cold Italian beer. Pizza. Opera. A hundred more Ducatis. And three Moto Guzzis. The smorgasbord of Italian ingredients that were mixed together at Deus Ex Machina on Saturday January 24th turned into a flavorful dish called "Raduno Ducati". The entire area around Deus was teeming with reds and yellows, and the center stage was set with a collection of extra extraordinary Ducatis from friends in the area accompanying the Deus Dreamliner, the most recent custom by Michael Woolaway which uses a Ducati 750 motor. True-to-form in the Deus vein of eclectic enthusiasm, the bikes in attendance didn't all fit into conventional categories. There was a perfect dichotomy of sweaty barn-found singles next to carbon fiber superbikes and the bobber with a Monster engine. Bold primary colors of the TT1 and TT2 race machines were a blast from the past and while a Vyrus 984 time-traveled from the future. A 1993 Supermono and two carbon fiber dirt trackers added a nice flavor and the MotoGP D16 bike previously raced by Valentino Rossi added a splash of neon orange to the inside of the Deus Emporium. A few new Scrambler Ducatis were in attendance as well as the original scrambler from the 60s which made us want to hit the desert trails (It's no coincidence that Italy is shaped like a vintage lace-up motorcycle boot straight out of an old spaghetti western). Without being too over-generalizing, it is safe to say that Ducati owners are a very passionate bunch. They like what they like and do it with their might. They share a special bond and it reflects in their bikes. The fun shows through with the tread worn down on the sides of the tires instead of straight down the center. These bikes are canyon carvers that are ridden fast and meticulously maintained. So many bikes converged upon the Emporium that at one point, the local law enforcement showed up and had to clear the motorcycle-clogged sidewalk so pedestrians wouldn't have to step out into oncoming traffic of Lincoln Ave. Our neighbors at the Thai Food restaurant, bless their hearts, couldn't even make it to their front door, it was so packed (...now that we think of it, that could have something to do with the cops showing up). But needless to say, everything was sorted out quickly and there was no real trouble caused by the sheer number of bikes that rode in. For some, the day started on the east side at Pro Italia, one of Southern California's premiere Ducati dealerships. After a light breakfast they rode to Deus on a winding route thru the canyons with a stop at the Rock Store, a typical weekend ritual for many riders. So what exactly was the "Rad" in Raduno? Perhaps it was the opera singer. Or the GP bike. It could have been the Supermono, the Dreamliner, or the rusty barn-find racer. One thing for sure is that the enthusiasm in the air was nothing short of radical. A special thanks to Pro Italia for organizing the morning meetup and ride, Rick who helped direct parking and MC, and to the owners of the show bikes: Phil Delio, Maurizio Sanges, Ugis Kanders, Kaming Ko, Alonzo Bodden, Roland Sands, Patrick Flynn, Arrick Maurice, John French, Davide Berruto, Tammy Hilton, Rick Carmody, Ken Pittman, Kurt Yeager, Roy Nolan, Michelle Ven Vilet, Dan Trotti, Bill Dickinson, Alex Earle, Bill Oberman, John Morena, Tom Stephens, Bill Dickinson, Calvin Uyeda, and Wendy Newton