April 03 2020 Friday at 06:31 PM

The R nine T Build Diaries: Entry three.

After some shuffling of the furniture under the R nine T's skirt we managed to free up extra space for some custom pipework, the time had come to give this boxer a special bark. The challenge began re-thinking the plumbing, we needed something a little more compact yet functional enough to keep the bike at rideable decibels. We live by the mantra of 'don't fix what ain't broke' so we decided to keep the gleaming stock headers and cut them just short of the rider pegs. Next came fabricating a two into one pipe with a collector for some double trouble action on the left. Once all that stainless steel had been measured, cut and massaged it was all a matter of popping on the new trumpets, courtesy of Cone Engineering from the U.S of A. A few neat weld seams later and a lovely (yet meaningful) burble chuckled forth from the upswept megaphones. The R nine T is now stepping off the Deus Camperdown work bench and is on route to our brothers in arms at MotorRetro for some bespoke body work. Stay tuned for more progress in the coming weeks.