April 03 2020 Friday at 06:31 PM

The R Nine T Build Diaries: Entry Four.

Quite apart from being uniquely talented metal shaping gurus, the good men of MotorRetro share our passion for fine german engineering, well versed at fettling BMW's pugilistic variants (and air cooled Porsches) their encyclopaedic knowledge is matched only by their craftsmanship. So when it came down to choosing some capable hands to bring the vision into three dimensions we looked no further. Last week the R nineT rolled out of the Deus workshop destined for its nip and tuck on the MotorRetro work bench. Vaughn and Georgio had spent weeks in preparation based on the working sketches, waiting patiently to get their hands dirty. Let the annealing begin! The boys have a lot of work ahead of them, every panel is being replaced and they wasted no time rolling the english wheel into service shaping the fenders. With the base shape of both fenders nailed down it was time to wireframe the bodywork. Bend and measure, measure and bend and slowly out of the matrix of steel rods the silhouette of bike begins to take shape. This skeletal structure will serve as a buck for the shape of the skin down the line. Stay tuned for the next phase as the alloy comes together.