April 03 2020 Friday at 06:31 PM

The R nine-T Build Diaries: Entry 2

There she stood, a rolling blank canvas. With the pencil sketches in hand it was time to get cracking on one of our most ambitious builds to date. Customising the R nineT will be no simple spanner job. With so much to do we had to get started somewhere and decided to start freeing up some space. The factory battery placement for the R nineT is right under the seat, we've got other plans for that piece of real estate so it had to move house. A few hours of measuring, cutting and welding landed the battery in its new home under the belly of the Teutonic beast. With the volts now relocated under the bike the upper spine was now free for the large, sculptured...(maybe this detail should wait for a later post, sorry for the suspense folks). Needless to say, we had more room to play. Next on the agenda was mocking up where our feet would rest, not much can be finalised until the top half of the bike comes together but we created a locating template in preparation. Measuring thrice, cutting once always prevents poor results, this template would ensure the perfect positioning for the rear sets once the topside mass came together. The build is in its early days, but the form is starting to emerge from a nebulous collection of scribbles into what will be a mighty machine. Our blog will be regularly updated with progress shots and detailed info of the build every two weeks, stay tuned. Read The R nine-T Build Diaries: Entry 1 here.