April 03 2020 Friday at 04:15 PM

The 'Prospect' hits Canggu

This little back-road blaster has been somewhat of a fixture in the workshop over the last few months...being put together, redesigned, and broken down again...trying to find a look for it that just fit.Because of its ever changing future, it has been dubbed 'The Prospect'. Starting off life as a 1976 Honda CB100, she sat patiently as plans and parts for her transformation slowly came together. Things finally made sense with the arrival of a chrome alloy 'Peanut' tank courtesy of the boys in Camperdown. As soon as the reflective orb hit the frame the other parts just seemed to gravitate towards it, until finally the general idea was complete.
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So once again everything was removed, and the 35 year old frame was ground down and rebuilt specifically for the job in hand. The engine received a full overhaul and bore, bringing it up closer to the 180cc mark...as well as a snazzy polish job on the exterior.
So after the waiting, designing and building, this minute monster is now rockin' -
  • BSA Handlebars
  • BSA Gum Grips
  • Custom Fenders
  • Custom Seat
  • Chrome Alloy Peanut Tank
  • Easy Rider Tail light
  • Icon Shocks
  • Bullet Blinkers
  • Daytona Mini Speedo
  • Custom Free flow exhaust
  • Brembo front disc and caliper
She just rolled out the Bengkel (Workshop) and hit the streets of Canggu, watch out for it amongst the paddy fields...and drop by the Temple for a little test ride!