April 03 2020 Friday at 06:15 PM


Of all the great things Portland Oregon is know for—the food, the entertainment, the art and commerce—blankets of snow is not one of them. And with Stumptown experiencing the heaviest February snowfall in 21 years, the fifth year of The One Motorcycle Show had the makings of the fondest of winter memories. The team from The Emporium made the 1000-mile journey north in the Doose Goose and freshly minted Doose Caboose hauling precious cargo in the form of Woolie’s Workshop’s latest build, Dakdaak, an art installation from Ornamental Conifer, Bixby Moto’s 2013 Bike Build Off winner, Death Dealer II, and Deus sponsored racer Stacie B. London’s Triple Nickel. Once in Portland with vans unloaded, bikes in place, and buried under snow, the show got underway, as bike builders, riders, and enthusiasts from the civilized world bundled up in their most uncivilized, weather inappropriate gear and hunkered down for two days and nights of snowy then icy then slushy motorcycle flavored nourishment. As Old Man Winter held court, the bad weather only made for better experience as we spent our snowed-in hours making new friends, reconnecting with old ones, and finding reverence anew for the grand community of motorcycling.