April 03 2020 Friday at 06:16 PM

The Mighty SR Festival Of Thump

We've had a number of Festivals of Thump over the years, where the iconic sound of single cylinder engines-that-could draw like minded thumper enthusiasts from far and wide like a staccato bass piper from Hamlein. The latest event (and last here at Camperdown) was slightly different in that it was a celebration of one particular thumper, the SR. Probably the most well known of the single cylinders, its cult following has made the SR one of the most customisable bikes on the market and is one of the reasons why at Deus we love to work on them. Since rolling off the production line in 1978 people have fallen in love with the little Yammy. This is why 40 odd years later after enough whinging Yamaha have answered the many of calls from fans to produce a modern take on the classic, retaining its shape but with more reliable running gear. We felt fit to celebrate this historical event so the kind people at Yamaha Australia brought along a bunch of the new breeds to show off on the day. The fans came in droves sporting their own creations so it was fitting to reward their hard work as well with a 'Best on street' competition as well as 'Overall best SR' It truly is an end of an Era for Deus Camperdown car park events so a big thanks to everyones support on the day and over the years. Thanks to Yamaha for producing such an awesome platform to build on. Thanks to Tommy J for the trims and also Deus Cafe for filling everyones bellies. Stay tuned for more events at in the future. Shop the limited edition here