April 03 2020 Friday at 07:00 PM

The man behind the threads - Jim Thompson for Deus Denim.

We are proud to introduce the New Deus Denim program. A comprehensive offer of styles, fits and washes using quality denim fabrics made by the best makers to perfectly represent and fit the Deus way of life.

Jim Thompson, head designer here at Deus, is known through out the industry as a denim aficionado, with over 20 years in the business of making and wearing denim, Denim is Jim's religion - his knowledge is applied to every pair of Deus jeans. We sat him down for a quick Q and A to discover more about the man behind the threads and how he came to create our most exciting denim range yet.

Tell us about your long love affair with denim?

I’ve been in industry now for over 20 years. I’ve designed and developed and worn a lot of denim jeans in that time and I never get tired of doing so. A great pair of jeans is the most important item of clothing you can own and its my job to produce the best one possible.

Denim jeans are an iconic style that are practical and hardwearing and worn by everyone regardless of culture, social standing or wealth. Your jeans become part of who you are and how you live your life. The fact that they are built to last and the natural indigo dye fades over time means that each jean has its own character unique to the wearer.

What was the inspiration for the Deus denim range?

I wanted to capture the heart of the Deus culture in the program. We are incredibly proud that we actually build custom motorcycles, shape surfboards, put on incredible events and competitions and showcase all of this at our unique flagship retail stores. Authenticity, integrity and passion are at the core of everything we do and the denim range is no exception. In modern culture denim has been intrinsically linked with motorcycles and therefore is the perfect fit. In building the offer I referenced the heritage of denim jeans, keeping the styling traditional and classic but updating with modern fits and details. In much the same way as custom building our motorcycles.

In your opinion, what makes Deus unique ?

The enthusiasm for what we do. Whether that be in putting together a range of denim in Sydney, building a new custom motorcycle in LA, shaping surfboards in Bali or hosting an art exhibition in Tokyo. The business is run unlike any other businesses I have worked in. It is prepared to do the things other brands would not. It is driven by enthusiasm and doing things that excite or interest those who have been drawn to work at Deus.

What’s the process behind making a pair of Deus jeans?

The first part of the process is the fabric selection. We like to use natural indigo dyes as they fade far better than synthetic dyes commonly used today. We source both from the US and Turkey both highly respected for denim fabric mills and garment manufacturers. We have been fortunate to have built strong manufacturing partnerships and work with the best denim factories to produce our styles. The actual design of the jeans is influenced by classic styling rather than opting for tricks and gimmicks. We are not looking to reinvent the denim jean but rather fine tune it and add the the Deus handwriting to each style. Achieving the best possible fit was crucial and I believe we have really delivered. What ever your shape there is a fit for you whether that be our The Albero (Skinny), Lander (Slim), Knox (Straight) or Alma (Tapered). Wash is also incredibly important and many rounds of sample washing took place in order to achieve natural wear that represented a range of raw, 1, 2 and 3 year wear. Our recognisable art and brand execution is seen in embossed buttons and rivets, branded pocket plaster, swing ticket and internal labels and all pockets are printed with classic Deus art.

Whats your hot tip on caring for your jeans?

My tip would be buy it raw and don’t wash it for as long as possible even if your girlfriend threatens to leave you and no one will sit next to you on the bus! It will be worth it as the jean will build character over this time. Wear will occur in areas of abrasion. What pocket you store you phone or coins in etc and the natural creasing through continued wear will suddenly become visible after that first wash. This will make them completely individual and unique to you.

Favourite pair from the collection?

My favourite fit is the Alma. This has a little more room in the leg but still tapers to the ankle to give it a good shape. In terms of wash it has to be raw indigo.

You can shop the Deus Denim collection here.