April 03 2020 Friday at 06:31 PM

The Indonesian Motocross Nationals

Zye Norris has just had his first experience racing in a real Indonesian motocross race. It was six year old Kelana Humphrey’s first ever motocross race. The little tacker finished with a respectable third place in the 50cc division. But the real story is Zye Norris’s attempt at semi-pro Indonesian racing. It all started with one of Dustin Humphrey’s out of the blue ideas - “Zye can ride motocross, why not make him race in the nationals?” Well, we pulled a few strings, convinced Zye he’d do ok and then bam! He’s in nationals. Next thing you know he’s at the track practicing and looking fast. We watched him battle against and keep up with the Indonesian riders, we even started to believe he’d be contending the title… we were very naïve. Race day came around and we did our best to get his bike ready. One of the Bengkel boys replaced his headlight with a number plate and Dustin drew on a number. He got a new back tire. It was all happening. We arrived at the track and all of our friends were there to watch. Zye’s fan base rivaled the pro’s and excitement started taking over after his practice went well. By the time he made it to the starting gates everyone was freaking out. A man held up a sign and it was fifteen seconds until the race started, then the sign turned and there was five seconds, then bang! The gates dropped and it was on. We all jumped up and down screaming encouragement, and then he stopped… he stopped three meters from the start. Everyone went quiet. What the fuck was going on? It was the worst anti-climax we’d ever experienced. We’d waited all day! Fifteen painful seconds later he had the bike going and was off and riding with absolutely no hope of catching up. He rode like a champion and gained a lot of ground (didn’t come last because someone fell and couldn’t finish) but it was hardly what we’d hoped for. When we met up with him after the race and asked what went wrong, Zye looked at us with his best ‘would you believe it?’ face. His fuel was turned off. None of us knew what to say. It was a schoolboy error and at the time it was hard to deal with, especially for Zye. Now it’s absolutely hilarious, just imagine it… lining up for the most intense race of your life after waiting around all day for it, ha! Nice one Zye, way to make the Canggu Scramblers proud. When you’re lining up at the start gates for our Slidetober event this weekend, remember to turn your fuel on… der.