April 03 2020 Friday at 12:31 PM

The Hiku

The festive season is in it's final strait leading up to Christmas, and what better gift is there to receive on the morning of the 25th than a shiny new Deus motorcycle? This ride, dubbed 'The Hiku' was a custom order for a good friend and extended Deus family member. The lucky man is David Mercer. He wanted something simple and sleek, with a compact and low, beefy stature. The beating heart of 'The Hiku' is that of a Yamaha Scorpio. It sits low and stiff with W650 shocks on the rear and Yamaha FZ-16 in the front. A aluminum alloy sportster style tank hold it's fuel and Firestone Speedmaster tires stick her to the road. Steering this steed is a set of Ventura drag bars and a custom made seat provides a cushioned perch. All the while a 4 inch Harley Davidson head light illuminates dark roads during midnight twisty tarmac excursions. Merry Christmas David! I'm sure you cant wait to get your new toy on the road!