April 03 2020 Friday at 03:46 PM

The Hangover

The United Nations of Deus held their first annual Sin City Summit at the Capsule show last weekend in the brisk climes of the Nevada desert. Critical agenda items included sample viewings of the new Deus collection from designer Jason Bleick, state dinners with key members of RAEN Optics and Jack of All Trades, and the creation of an emergency, multi-national task force to re-enact the first fifteen minutes of The Hangover (FFMTH). The official FFMTH report, written in lipstick on a bar napkin, was lost at the dry cleaners. Subsequently, the FFMTH unanimously backed the commissioning of a second, emergency, multi-national task force, dubbed GUTHOV (Get Us The Hell Out of Vegas), to provide the FFMTH members safe passage home.