April 03 2020 Friday at 07:01 PM

The Great Migration of the Oily - Chopped 2015

For thousands of bikies, hillbillies, scenesters and disciples of the gas torch the annual pilgrimage to a dusty racetrack in rural Victoria is one of self discovery and meditations. Answering the big, spiritual questions we all ask at some stage, like — how many beers does it take until I can’t walk and at what point will my tyres explode during a burnout.

Chopped 2015 pulled the faithful from far and wide. They came with their choppers, hot rods, gassers and mobile homes all ready for the weekend that could be a mistaken for a party scene from a post apocalyptic blockbuster. Chopped is another world, a world for those of us who love to wake up to the smell of unburnt octane and burnt rubber. The days are hot and dusty but never dull, communal activities include drinking moonshine, drag racing, wrenching ones chopper or hot rod, burnouts, drinking beer and the occasional firework.

The day starts early as the hot rods begin to muster out of tent city at 10am waking up the comatose from their swags and kicking up the recently settled dust. They line up as the crowd gathers along the 400m strip of dirt where the greasers and Bikies get their speed dirt on.

Away from the drag strip there are acres of mind blowing vintage cars and bikes that you never see all together except at this special time of year…the great migration of the oily.

As the sun sets, the mercury drops but not the atmosphere. The booze flows and the bands begin to play. Walking around at night feels like a surreal dream, where lunatics roam free in the dark cloak evening as the deafening roar of well fed engines reverberates round the camp.

The best strategy is to embrace the madness, only way to survive the maelstrom is to embrace it until you answer the question of how much beer it takes to loose control of your legs then retreat to your tent where you will probably find a passed out rock n roller.

The dust settles once more and the mayhem dies down briefly overnight before V8s serenade the dawn. Chopped is done for another year.