April 03 2020 Friday at 03:01 PM

The good, the bad and the ugly

A new bike rolled out the benkgel this week, 'The Gooza'…but to fully understand the motorcycle, you have to get a jist for the man behind the handle bars. Tyler Mars is quite an individual sorta guy, if you had to assign him some sort of genre, think…"Early to mid 70's Alabama rock, Skynyrd style inspired, meets 77' Southern California surf culture with a bit of Marlboro Man."
Everything he does or owns has its own unique flair to it, from battled scarred concert tee shirts, eccentrically eclectic sushi rolls, to a quiver of oddly colored boards…and then there is the latest acquisition, his bike….'The Gooza' Since his visit late last year, he has been slowly steering the boys in the workshop in the direction he wanted for his steed. Going as far as shipping over a Harley Davidson flat tracker tank he purchased on Ebay. 'The Gooza' started out life as a GL200, stripped of everything and rebuilt to spec, it's now far from its original form. The custom fabricated chrome pipe, Z-bars, bespoke head light, mismatched paint job and that "Flat Tracker" tank, seem to come somewhat together…Mirroring the riders taste almost to a tee. If your on the streets of Canggu, you cant miss this thing, especially with the one off burble that reverberates from that pipe of his. A quirkily custom bike for a man of uniquely cool tastes, quite the fit me thinks. Capturing the notion of what building a custom motorcycle is all about, taking a personality and extending it straight into the machine. If your a frequent guest to our little Temple you will undoubtedly see this electrified personality hanging out, dicing sushi and managing the restaurant in his own special way. Keep rockin' Tyler, the Temple wouldn't be the same without your distinct presence upon it!