April 03 2020 Friday at 05:01 PM

Blood in the water

After unveiled their mean and moody Yamaha XJR1300 back street special entitled Project X in July, Deus Ex Machina’s Milanos latest creation is designed to stand out from the crowds. Inspired by legendary endurance machines of the 1970s and 1980s, Eau Rouge is a thoroughly modern interpretation of those iconic retro racers. Encapsulating the lean and single purpose looks of an endurance bike, Deus have given a modern twist to the semi-faired 1970s style through the incorporation of straight line and angular aesthetics. The hand-built seat unit, petrol tank and ‘Cyclops’ nose cone have all been designed to give the over-all impression of an endurance bike while still appearing fresh and modern in their style. Finished in a special paint that replicates bare metal and finally completed with the iconic Yamaha ‘speed block’ design, this stunning twenty-first century machine not only looks amazing, it utilizes some of the finest components available to ensure it can truly live up to its racing heritage. At the front, retro-styled Öhlins right way up forks grip an iconic Marvic five-spoke gold wheel while solid discs and unique engraved Discacciati calipers complete the look. Moving backwards a titanium stubby 4-into-1 exhaust system barks its intent while twin Öhlins shocks and machined aluminium rearsets are reminiscent of those legendary racers. Stripped back yet still purposeful in its look, there is no mistaking this retro race thoroughbred. The ’Eau Rouge’ is a homage to both the men and machines that proved their steel by pushing themselves to the very limit of their endurance over 24 relentless hours of non-stop racing, Deus Ex Machina’s Yard Built Yamaha XJR1300 could grace any racetrack the world over. As the desire for individuality increases in many of today’s riders, this unique machine created by Yamaha’s collaboration with Deus Ex Machina Italy shows that with the right approach, and using the best materials, anything is possible.