April 03 2020 Friday at 05:31 PM

"The Doc's On Call"

Well looky here, two new logs appeared on the rack of the Deus showroom in Canggu today, from a man we’ve seen alot of here at the Temple but that said, never enough. Thomas “Doc” Bexon is heading back Bali side for another round of toe wrapping hang tens. After shaping us a myriad of boards built for sliding, gliding and nose riding he’s been paged for more surgical antics in the shaping bay here at the Deus temple of Enthusiasm.

If you spotted Tom on his last trip you’ll know this smiley guy slides into the local scene like a hand foiled fin through glassy surf. We’re more than happy to welcome him back to Canggu and can’t wait to see what dusty magic emerges from the sled shed to grace the Deus showroom. Come and grab one of these sleek wonders of fiberglass and resin and take ya cross steppin’ skills to the next level. Or you can just try a hang ten on your swivel chair….. as long is it was custom designed for the job by Thomas Bexon!