April 03 2020 Friday at 03:01 PM

The Cafe Scorpio

Amidst the hustle of opening our new shop 'Deus Warung of Simple Pleasures' Oberoi in less than 3 days, something quite understated made its way from the Bengkel to the showroom floor.
The Cafe Scorpio started off in life as a humble Yamaha Scorpio 225, which after some love, care and grinding from the boys in the workshop, has taken on a new form.
It now sits on our showroom floor, sporting some unique little features like its polished aluminum alloy brake and clutch controls. Along with its flashy hand grabbers, this ride is running on classic Firestone's, riding on Daytona rear shocks and burbling through a custom exhaust. This low slung cafe racer is up for grabs, so if your interested, come through a leg over and see if you can get to 'The Warung of Simple Pleasures' and back before the song plays out.