April 03 2020 Friday at 09:00 PM

The Blunck Bug

You’re sitting at a set of lights with your somewhat modern car, a Blue Bug pulls up next to you. “Cute car” you’re thinking. “ Didn’t grandma have one like it?”.

The light goes green, you take off and you decide to look in your rearview to give the old roller one last glance, but before your eyes reach the mirror, the bug is down the road — having revealed its true colours, you realise this is not your typical V-dub bug.

klYou’ve just been out run by the Blunck Bug, a period correct Rally / Race Build project by VW aficionado Nick Blunck.

Before its glory days, this Australian built 1961 type 1 was rescued from a barn in Quenbeyan; where it apparently sat since 1984. Once back in the big smoke, the body received a Full Body, nut and bolt restoration. It was Media blasted and seam welded body with a half roll cage, later added for track use — thanks to Didier Joseph from Toy Factory Auto. Then later resprayed in its original Pastel blue.

The flat 4 at back got major upgrades in the form of added ponies thanks to a 83mm "Big Bore" Cylinder kit, 40hp Okrasa heads, Okrasa 69.5mm stroker crankshaft and Weber Performance carbies. Adding to the hefty parts list, Generator pulley & IDF Air Filters plus a vintage Speed 38mm Header & Super Flow Exhaust were all fitted onto this beast. This little thing at full chorus is pure joy. All assembled and specced out by Mark Joris from Fritzspeed.

All the above rolling on Bilstein front and rear Rallye shock absorbers, CSP front suspension stiffener, a CSP front & rear disc kit and 15 x 5 Technomagnesio 356 style magnesium / alloy wheels fitted with 85/65-15 Hoosier Speedster tyres.

The inside is just as nice and race like as the outside, featuring that old car smell and the likes of Recaro Pole position seats in leather with Porsche Pepita fabric, Nardi leather steering wheel, Porsche grey carpet and some 356 style door cards.

The laundry list of things done to this car is simply too great to wrap ones head around, — a true wolf in sheep’s clothing. A race car for the street (and the track), without the pertinacious badge of a prancing pony.

It may not be the fastest, but who needs speed when you’re having fun.

Make sure to grab a limited edition Blunck Bug tee and Premium poster featuring Deus art by Carby Tuckwell. ⠀
Nick would like to thank Mark (Fritz), Trent, DJ, Boris, Mike & Dean, John, Robert, Richard, Dave, Joe and his brother Daniel.