April 03 2020 Friday at 06:16 PM

The Barry Sheene Memorial Race.

A week after Top Gear, we return to the hallowed tarmac of Eastern Creek for the Barry Sheene Festival of Speed. A celebration of all things fast and vintage. From ring-a-ding-dings to Thumpers, the place was full of hard core riders looking to push their limits in the spirit of the immortal Mr. Sheene. Qualifying day is an important one, it will make and break the event for some. This is a documentation of the first day of the Barry Sheen Memorial Race 2014, it was go hard or go home. Congratulation to multiple TT winner Cameron Donald and team McIntosh/Deus on taking 1st place. A blistering start by Cameron on his Suzuki GSX 1135 enabled him to hold off a more powerful bikes in the field to take the win by 8 seconds. Photos by Thomas Walk.