April 03 2020 Friday at 05:31 PM


Often when a customer comes in to order a bike we first of all turn them away. Don’t get me wrong we’re not kicking them out, we’re just asking them to go do their home work – To order a custom bike one must have to have a mental, physical is even better, picture of the bike they want. It has to be from them. Part of them. For them. The best way to do that in the age of the interweb is to look at some websites. Sites such as BikeEXIF and Pipeburn. We tell them to google to their hearts content, even look at our Australian Sibling websites.

One such customer took us pretty literally in respect to that last recommendation. His name is Jerry. Jerry fronted back up at the Temple with a printed pic of the exact bike he wanted. It happened to be Deus Sydney’s beautifully brat style inspired, W 650 called the ‘Bloodnok’. The original bike was the brain child of Deus creative director, Carby Tuckwell.

We said to Jerry we don’t have any W 650′s laying around in Indonesia and collectively put our thinking cap on as to what we might be able to substitute for it. Mustang had arrived while we were chatting and interrupted the silence with his matter of fact, “What about that one over there?” We followed his outstretched arm to where it was pointing. To a Honda GL200 sitting quietly in the corner just waiting it’s turn.

You had to almost blur your vision to see the bike within the bike. But it was there. To give you an idea how buried the vision was, after the Bengkel boys stripped, ground and chopped into the bike, they were only left with about 20% of the original frame and engine housing. Then piece by piece they built it back up so as to emulate the frame of a W650.

Normally we would never think of trying to directly copy another bike as much as we have with this one. That’s why the bikes we make are called customs. But in this case it was the idea of creating a sibling for our Ozzie siblings bike and we wanted to just as much as Jerry wanted it. The opportunity to create the little brother was, if nothing else, a test of our capacity as bike builders. And if that was the test, then the boys came out with straight A’s.

There’s a list at the end, after all the images, with the bells and whistels that make up… The Bali Bloodnok.

  • Honda GL 200 tiger
  • 120-80-18 swallowrear tires with 3.00 inch black TK Japanese rim
  • 100-80-18 swallow front tires with 2.50 inch black TK Japanese rim
  • Alloy tank
  • Custom Deus seat
  • Custom Deus frame
  • Harley front light
  • Posh turn signal
  • Custom tail light
  • Custom Deus black cone exhaust
  • Brown gum grip
  • Polished engine
  • Powdercoated frame
  • Ventura handlebar
  • Custom front and rear fender
  • SSX 225 yamaha front shock
  • GS 125 rear shock
  • Vintage old school foot pegs