April 03 2020 Friday at 03:31 PM

Temple Premiere - Noosa

After a well received screening at the House of Simple Pleasures in Sydney, the next day some of the crew jumped in van and shot up north. First stop was Byron where Woody's Surf Shack was stoked to house a bunch of fellow surfers for their premiere. No time to waste, the boys had a date up in Noosa the next PM. Thomas Bexon and Jake and Captain Sip Sop Barber were having there official grand opening party and extended us an invite to their house warming. They know how to put on a party, this thing started at 2 in the arvo, with entertainment up to the wazoo including a surf swap, free tattoos, live music and the Sailor Jerry van. It was the idle setting for the evenings proceedings. As soon as the sun had set it was time to kick on with 'Temple' the set up suited the vibe of the movie to the 'T' with a huge out door screen and projector. Once the closing titles rolled through it was time to get loose and enjoy the rest of the party. The next morning the boys realized how good the night was when they found them selves waking up in the back of a paddy wagon courtesy of Eadiy Photos by Robbie Warden.