April 03 2020 Friday at 04:00 PM

‘Temple’ goes on the road in Australia

Just about a month ago we sneaked peaked the Deus produced Jack Coleman surf flick, Temple. Well we're stoked to tell all and sundry that we're taking it on the road in Australia's and the first cab off the rank and it's all planned for a four stop hop up and down the east coast. Hell it's starting off next week in fact.

Number one of the four city Australian premiers couldn’t really be done anywhere else but down at Deus HQ in Camperdown. Next Wednesday night people. The 28th November, from 6pm. We've only got the one night so definately don't miss out. It will definitely be the quick and the dead on this.

No rest for the wicked, that'd be us, as straight after it's shown we're bundling ourselves into the van for an overnight road trip to Byron and the Community Hall there, where we'll spread out the bed sheet and be showing it to audience on Thursday 29th November at 7pm. We've given ourselves two nights for the second big drive, up to Noosa and showing it at our great mates new digs, Thomas Surfboards on Saturday 1st December from 2:30pm. We get to take a little breather, catch a few waves before sliding back down the coast, this time to Newcastle and the King St Hotel to spread the bed sheet out for the fourth and final time on Friday 7th December at 7pm.

The movies Jack's "fly on the wall" take on the surfers and shapers that have graced the Deus Temple and Bali in the earlier part of this year. With a fun group of free surfers including Thomas Bexon, Ryan Burch, Matt Chojnaki, Matt Cudihy, Ellis Ericson, Alex Knost, Mencos, Husni Rhidwan, Harrison Roach, Chris Salisbury and Jason Salisbury riding boards shaped by the likes of Bob McTavish, Chris Garrett, Ryan Burch, Neal Purchase Jr, Jeff McCallum, Ellis Ericson, Rich Pavel and Thomas Bexon. This is Jack's own little Indo homage showcasing all he comes here for. Viewers will be privy to snippets of island life punctuated with motorbike powered mini jaunts around Bali and ferry fuelled fun off to other islands in the archipelago. Jack’s movies are steeped in process. A lot of them are shot on Super8 film. He then takes it home to California to have it developed then digitised before even the editing process can begin. Which in this case went down back in Bali.

The film had an amazing Bali premier at the Deus Bedsheet Picture show as part of our Slidetober Fest. Australia your next. And America, while we haven't got concrete dates yet, do not worry, you're definitely on our dance card as are perhaps other locals around the globe.