April 03 2020 Friday at 05:01 PM

Taking Shape

Woolie’s hands have been full in recent months with special, one-off, bespoke motorcycle builds for a handful of loyal Deus customers. But inside the cauldron of Woolie’s Workshop, another force has been stewing and picking up energy: The KTM Project. The goal of this initiative is to offer two, repeatable, custom Deus motorcycles based off two different KTMs that can be assembled in any Deus shop around the globe. Eating dirt for breakfast, the 500 EXC will be an adventure inspired dual sport with optional surf rack, while the 690 Duke will push the boundries of street performance. The project is shaping up. The smell is wafting thru the Emporium and making our mouths water like mamma’s chocolate chip cookies. Stay tuned for the buzzer. These are gonna be tasty.