April 03 2020 Friday at 08:45 PM

Surfercross 2018

Its a big mean world out there, everyone is tense, everything is controversial.
Professional athletes of motocross and surfing, battling for world titles with millions of dollars at stake and sponsors and corporations to please.
Well… that's not what this is, you see... This is Surfercross - and its just a halftime show. In between the seriousness and real world problems. So lets have fun for a while!
Just when you think the world is all bad ... you see people out having fun on motorcycles, you see people out having fun surfing!
You really can follow your dream and do whatever you the hell you want. When you are Jeremy Albrecht you can get together world champion surfers and world champion motocross racers and industry Average Joe's alike, to just have fun racing dirt bikes and riding waves .... and you call it 'Surfercross'.
Teams are picked out of a hat.
Professional surfers matched up randomly with a professional motocross riders. (We are using the word professional loosely here, but you get the idea)
Day One took place at Milestone MX park in Riverside, CA. The racing is a team format with each team member alternating every lap being tagged in with the bump of the tire, but boys will be boys and the bumps turned in waves and the waves turned into seeing your teammate two or three turns from the pits and you were off.
Some of these competitors are still at the highest level of their respective sports, while others are retired champions, yet no matter their status, no one wants to lose. It's about winning at all costs, but this is strictly fun remember… yeah right! Day One ended with Deus' own Forrest Minchinton (surfer) and his teammate Ricky Yorks (moto) taking the overall win for the moto portion of the event.
Day Two kicked off down at San Onofre State beach in San Clemente, CA. Many of the motocross guys wielding foamies as their weapons of choice, with murmurs of shark phobias floating about (too many people watching Jaws and shark week by the sounds of it).
After a full day of heats, the final came down to teammates Brandon Tipton (surf) and Calen Noble (moto) taking the win in the surf portion of the event and the event overall.
Words by Forrest Minchinton
Images by Kailey Skelton and Max Mandell