April 03 2020 Friday at 09:00 PM

Super Ok Horse Ride - "Death Rides A Horse" U.S Preview.

Last Friday in conjunction with our monthly event, Super OK Friday- we gave the crowd a sneak peak of our newest film, 'DEATH RIDES A HORSE'. The mood was set with tunes provided by DRESUS and Dean Holcombe. And if the delicious smell of Tacos weren't enough, drinks from Olympia beer and Madre Mezcal put a smile on everyones faces as they patiently waited for the film to begin. The clock struck 8pm and it was showtime! We were fortunate to have the film introduced by director, Dustin Humphrey as well as producer, Monty Smith and brand ambassador/star of 'Death Rides A Horse', Micah Davis. Lots of "oooo's", "ahhhhs" and "yewws!" were had as the film delivered the right vibes to end a beautiful evening. We want to thank everyone who attended and can't wait to see you all again next month at our next Super OK Friday!